Needless to say Everyone loves your Chuck, We have constantly appreciated your

Blair: I know you can not see, and that i dont expect that. However, regardless if I were not which have Louis, We couldn't become along with you. Merely know that not living with you 's the most difficult situation You will find actually complete. But at the very least We have someone who wants myself of the my side. You will want to discover an individual who enjoys you as well. 

Chuck: Hello, don't be concerned. I shall shield you from Louis and you can any type of their mother threatens, if there's a great dowry I will shell out they.

Blair: Chuck, I would like one to let me deal with that it by myself. What sort of options do we have in the event that our very own new start is that you buying me away from Louis? When and when i end up along with her, it must be just like the equals, that have nothing over our very own thoughts. That's the only take to i've. 

Chuck: I can't stand the very thought of you which have others, I don't care what it will set you back otherwise where we should instead wade. I simply wish to be to you.

Blair: And i like you. I usually commonly. However, that does not mean I'm crazy about your. No less than not nowadays, perhaps not how you need me to become, maybe not the way you deserve. I'm very sorry.

12 months Six [ ]

Chuck: Blair, Everyone loves you with all my center and that is new reasoning we cannot use the danger of messing so it right up.

Blair: Yes, result in what might the dad thought for individuals who failed? Which i distracted your. You forfeited their empire for me personally. 

Chuck: Blair, you are an excellent distraction. Lead to when our company is together with her, you are most of the I think on. And i will give right up my personal kingdom for your requirements, I might throw in the towel that which you to you personally. Shortly after a few evening during the Monte Carlo, We destroyed monitoring of in history.

Chuck: Previously, We charged my personal errors on you and Bart was right on you to definitely count. Simple fact is that boy who blames the woman, perhaps not the guy, in fact it is what i wish to be with you. It won't be much longer. I hope.

Blair: Jack is good. Chuck and you will Blair keep give. Chuck and Blair visit the clips. You told you you do not desired me to end up being terrifically boring. really, we obviously commonly you to definitely now.

Chuck: I happened to be a silly guy once i told you things. A life along with you you are going to not humdrum. Blair Cornelia Waldorf. do you realy get married me personally?

Cotillion year arrives, and it is revealed that Chuck and you can Blair still connect from every now and then. However, Blair is actually likely to attend Brand new Debutante Baseball having Prince Henry and you may Chuck would be escorting anybody else. At the same time, Nate try observing Blair's newfound contentment and you will knows he misses her. He comes up so you're able to the woman penthouse once dance rehearsal one nights and you will asks the woman to see the ball which have your instead. She agrees when you find yourself an envious Chuck listens from upstairs. He tries to get Nate to reduce demand for Blair of the shedding tips that she is looking for his opponent Carter Baizen. Towards the night of golf ball, Chuck goes to look for Blair but she requests him to go away this lady and you can Nate alone with the night; and she occur to indicates that Carter is found on his method more so you're able to recover a sweater he leftover while in the teas. Chuck waits available for him, and you will takes a picture of him leaving the structure to demonstrate Nate to show he or she is relationships Blair. Nate falls for this, and blows Carter at the baseball, taking himself knocked out to it. After when you're dancing, Blair realizes Chuck set Carter around create Nate jealous and you will was ultimately responsible for the scene. She concludes its fling, and visits select Nate. After, the guy sees him or her go into a space along with her making out and broken hearted, the guy makes the metropolis (Hi, Society). Ahead of Xmas, Blair, newly reunited that have Nate, seeks unsuccessfully to contact Chuck to inquire of your to maintain their fling private. On christmas morning, he messages her an image off himself which have Nate, asking the girl whom he would have to tell (Roman Holiday).

Immediately following back to Manhattan, Blair sets a spontaneous returning to university cluster so you can impress Marcus' step-mother, Duchess Catherine Beaton. Attempting to ruin the lady potential which have Marcus, Chuck sets Blair around insult Catherine before she officially match the woman. not, his package does not work away when Blair grabs Catherine which have Nate which is capable blackmail this lady towards the giving this lady approval (Not ever been Marcused). Soon after, Chuck starts to has intimacy dilemmas, which Serena diagnoses which have having to do with his failure to move forward from Blair. At a celebration she's organizing, he asks her to bed having him but she refuses. After from inside the people, the complete town skills a great blackout and you can Chuck feigns while the Marcus locate Blair so you can kiss him and you may hopefully have sex which have him. She falls because of it, and you will Marcus walks inside on it kissing. At first Blair claims she did not know it are Chuck, but after admits she know it was him. not, Marcus forgives her and you may Chuck continues to feel closeness complications with almost every other female (The new Ebony Nights).

Shortly after understanding their father have passed away, Chuck goes in covering up during the Palace Lodge away from people, and additionally Blair. Within funeral service, Blair works to make sure Chuck acts and you can appears sober, even after shopping for him totally wasted beforehand. In lobby, Nate informs their just how she is being nice and maternal toward him, however, she denies they. When he simply leaves, Blair chases him off finally informs him that she will stand-by your as a result of anything since the she wants your. Overloaded of the suffering and you can alcoholic beverages, Chuck blows the lady of and you can will leave in any event, leaving Blair crying in the pub.

not, none package works out in addition they still relationship (Juliet Cannot Alive Right here Anymore)

A couple days shortly after, Blair matches with Vanessa in the whom extends to give the Freshman Toast at the Parent's Weekend. As a way to win, she produces an accept NYU alum Josh Ellis to allow your hug Chuck in the event the she will be able to supply the toast. She convinces Chuck to play one last round of the video game about summer and then he turns out kissing Josh. This is why, she contains the toast and you may Chuck happens out over a conference. Although not, it's cancelled in which he arrives at the new Freshman Restaurants as time passes to listen this lady unknowingly mention to everyone you to definitely she didn't come with guilt for using Chuck to track down what she need. When she discovers the guy discovered, she attempts to apologize however, the guy says to their the guy demands some more hours available anything (Sufficient In the Eve).

For a while just after, Chuck and you can Blair continue steadily to connect however, ensure that it it is a great wonders. It fundamentally read they must stop, with Blair trying to quarantine by herself out-of gender having Chuck and Chuck trying to possess an excess amount of gender to not have to any longer.

Throughout the five year time dive, Blair and you will Chuck have purchased a townhouse in town together and real time around with their boy, Henry Trout.