He narrows his eyes in skepticism, “Swim?

“You just, swim that way.” She tells him, her other hand pointing in the direction opposite of where theyre facing. That far?” he asks her. She smirks as if telling him, “Duh!”

He laughs again at the unique nature of the girl, cheeks reddening as he finally realizes shes wearing nothing but a swimsuit.The swimsuit itself is rather plain, a solid color and a simple design but her curves make the swimsuit look far more expensive than it possibly was.

The sound of multiple boats closing in fills both of their ears. Motor gears click obnoxiously against each other, and Y/N peeks over the rock to get a better view. When she sees that flashing lights are attached to the boat, she quickly understands that theyre here for him, and rushes to jump off of the rock.

Harry notices the sirens of the emergency boats looking for him. He waves, catching the boat drivers attention before sitting back down. “What was your na-” He begins, before he realizes she is no longer by his side, the only evidence she was ever there being the trail of bubbles streaming out in front of him.

After he arrives home from his various medical examinations, his mother greets him with puffy eyes and a worried expression. She makes him take a hot bath, and afterwards tucks him into bed like a child, kissing his forehead before leaving his spacious room.

Harry isnt even concerned with his health, or the state of his yacht, or even the situation that occured with Noelle the night before, he busies himself with the thought of the girl with pretty hair and soft skin, and tiny hands who claimed she lived in the ocean. And he wonders if his grandfather was right about a mermaid living at the black rock after all.

But after nearly 2 weeks, “tomorrow” had never arrived.

Which was precisely the reason why you were rushing over to his studio downtown in an Uber with a purse full of dress pictures, because you were on your last nerve.

“You always say youre tired when I ask you about it at night!” You defend yourself. He shakes his head and ignores you purposely, typing at his computer once more.

“An open relationship.” I blurt out. He stares at me in shock, as if he wasnt expecting for me to suggest something so crude, something that was so incredibly against my values. He has brought up the subject while drunk months ago - when our marriage was slipping into oblivion but wasnt necessarily there. I was quick to dismiss the subject with a “Yeah, but its a good thing we love each other too much” before he drunkenly nodded and proceeded to ramble on about another random subject.

But I allow myself to become immersed in the part of him I have now. This was better than divorce, right? It was better than the constant arguments and silences we would have a year ago. He loved me, and he put me before others when necessary. He might be with others some evenings, but his nights belonged to me. And if I pushed hard enough, perhaps his mornings may be as well someday.

“Woah, woah, woah, this is italian leather” He protectively places his hand over the passengers seat and shoots me a cheeky grin. I playfully flick water at him and he whines, rubbing the minimal droplets off of his forehead as I slosh down next to him.

“I swear ill be back by 10, thats when Elf starts, right?” He asks me, a hopeful and persuasive grin on his face. His mood shifts dramatically from when he snapped just seconds ago.

Harry had told me that he was going to make it special, or spend the whole day with me, was it?

“I have a girlfriend” You heard Harry say. His tone was more playful than serious, as if he was just stating the fact rather than actually putting serious thought behind it. Regardless, you smiled lightly knowing that he was at least acknowledging your existence.

You had never been the closest with his friends, you were very often shy. Closed off to the people you didnt know. you never comprehended or could tell that they hated you, especially to this extent.

The Weekend

I wondered if he absorbed my details as well, if he paid as much attention to me as I did to him. If he paid attention to how I liked my coffee, what my biggest https://yourloansllc.com/installment-loans-nd/ insecurities were. If he had watched me long enough to know my nervous habits.

This could almost be a gesture. I wonder what it would be like to wake up next to him in the morning, to have him dress me in a romantic manner. I romanticize the horrible reality that I cant seem to accept.

Marry Me 2

During the first hour, shes upset. She manages to enter Harrys closet, her eyes scanning the Gucci suits probably worth more than three times the price of her “stupid” wedding dress. She feels the urge to destroy them, but realizing theyre just too beautiful to be torn apart in a fit of anger, she sighs and heads to the living room downstairs, willing to channel her anger elsewhere.

This time, he lets out a sob. His chest hurts as he imagines how she felt while he was laughing in the studio with his friends, he imagines how lonely she mustve felt planning a wedding but having to repeatedly tell the arrangers that her husband was busy.

The sun shines brightly into Y/Ns eyes, the lush green turf resting right below her feet. There seems to be commotion surrounding her on all sides, a dozen reporters standing with their microphones speaking about the highly anticipated game, water boys rushing to fill up cups from large tanks.

Y/N doesnt know where to start, she thinks going to her brother to possibly ask him to send out an announcement of a child named Edward may be a good place to start? So she begins her journey to the small table set up where two men sit with headphones on and microphones in front of them.

And lastly, her brother refuses to pick up his phone. As she presses the call button quite urgently for the third time, she curses at herself as she squeezes the metal device tightly in her hand. She mutters profanities under her breath, anger building up until all of a sudden-

Harry, on the other hand, keeps an amused expression on his face, dimples gently pooling on his cheeks as he lets out a small grin, “Didnt think you were.” He tells he honestly.

“Of course! I missed you too much.” She says as she tickles at his stomach a bit. He giggles, squirming as she takes in just how adorable he is.

Y/Ns mouth goes dry. She feels the need to pinch herself, no, punch herself to see if its truly happening or not.

“Strawberry?” He questions, his plump pink lips moving as he chews on the flavor. Y/N nods slightly, still processing his presence.