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Two months after President Magsaysay’s dying, the workplace was abolished. The proposition is truly vital on this research of the questioned executive order. The nation has had a historic revolution that gave the folks the possibility to right the wrong that shoved the nation on the verge.

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The Gokongwei household controls over $20 billion of combined market capitalization for all the companies they personal. [newline]The JG Group has JG Summit Petrochemicals Group with the first and largest built-in polyethylene and polypropylene resin producer within the Philippines right now, whereas JG Summit Olefins Corp. operates the first and only naphtha cracker plant within the Philippines. There is also Robinsons Land and Robinsons Bank, “to help folks manage their funds, increase their businesses, and achieve their goals of getting their own houses,” the JG Group declared as its mission. Much of the Gokongwei group’s development occurred after the 1986 People Power Revolution. A favorite anecdote is how Henry Sy and John Gokongwei supposedly tossed coin to get the corner of EDSA and Ortigas Ave., the site of the EDSA Revolution, as the longer term web site of a big Ortigas-area shopping center.

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This is admitted by the OSG in its Memorandum44 because it explains that "to include the previous administrations, at this point, may unnecessarily overburden the Commission and lead it to lose its effectiveness." The OSG’s position exhibits more consideration for the burden that the investigation may cause to the Commission, whereas dropping sight of the equal protection clause of the Constitution. This Court, in invoking the equal protection clause to strike down a purely fact-finding investigation, grants immunity to these who violate anti-corruption legal guidelines and other penal laws, renders meaningless the constitutional precept that public workplace is a public trust, and makes public officials unaccountable to the people at any time. To restrict the investigation to public officers of the earlier administration is violative of the equal protection clause. At the outset, it must be emphasized that EO 1 did not, for purposes of utility of the legal guidelines on graft and corruption, create two lessons – that of President Arroyo and that of other previous administrations. Rather, it prioritized fact-finding on the administration of President Arroyo whereas saying that the President could later increase the protection of EO 1 to bring other previous administrations beneath the identical scrutiny. Else, as all human actions require prioritization, everyone in a precedence listing for regulation or investigation can make out a case that there's prima facie classification, and that the prioritization just isn't supported by a reasonable goal.

  • Article II, Section 1 thereof said that the President shall continue to exercise legislative energy till a legislature is elected and convened beneath a new structure x x x.
  • I additional concur with Chief Justice Corona that attempts to "sugar coat" the Philippine Truth Commission’s features as "harmless" deserve no credence.

Had the assailed issuance offered exemption to former members of the previous administration who have joined the prevailing political celebration, I wouldn't hesitate to declare EO No. 1 void. This defined want for particular data removes the arbitrariness from recognizing the previous administration as a definite class of its own. Fairly current events like the exigencies of transition and the reported large-scale corruption clarify the decided have to concentrate on no other period however the tenure of the previous administration. I find nothing arbitrary or unreasonable within the Truth Commission’s defined scope of investigation. Take such different related actions as may be essential to hold out the purposes and aims of this Decree.

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Effectively, by performing as he did, the President simply gave the Commission the license to an open looking season to tell the "truth" towards the previous administration; the Commission can investigate an alleged single billion-peso scam, in addition to transactions through the previous administration that, collectively, might reach the identical amount. Only the Commission, in its wisdom, is to gauge what allegations or stories of graft and corruption to cover for as lengthy as these have been in the course of the previous administration. In the absence of any particular guiding principle or directive, indicative of its rationale, the conclusion is unavoidable that the EO carries no special compelling purpose to single out officials of the previous administration; what's necessary is that the graft be attributed to the previous administration. In different phrases, the true purpose for the EO’s focus lies elsewhere, not essentially in the nature or extent of the matters to be investigated. The independence of the Ombudsman and its freedom from interference from all different departments of presidency in the efficiency of its features is a barrier that can't be breached, immediately or not directly, except solely because the Constitution and the laws may permit.

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